Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo


I have been an expat since 1990. I initially moved to Paris, France right after graduating college with a degree in 18th-century French literature. After five years, I moved to a small town outside of London where I stayed for two years. I came to Florence in 1997 to study Italian for three months and to find my inspiration to write. On my third day, I just knew that Florence was the home I had been searching for and ended up staying for two years. I would've stayed longer; however, for family reasons I returned to the US for a five-year hiatus. In 2004, I moved back to Florence.

In 2012, I split my life between Paris and Florence until I decided to return to live in Florence permenantly at the beginning of 2016.

After I wrote on Facebook that I was in the process of revamping the My Heart in Two Places blog, I had no idea what to name it. The next morning, the title came to me: "Me, My Heart, and I."

We all know the expression, but I changed "self" to "heart," it seemed to be perfect for what my new blog is about. The "me" represents the creative (and child-like) side of me, besides being the first two letters of my first name. The "heart" is probably how I would define how I navigate the world by listening to and following my heart and embracing my feelings. The "I" is who I am to the outside world, the part of me that interacts with others by sharing what I enjoy.

It is truly exciting for me to embark on this journey and I hope you'll enjoy reading about it.


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