Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo

Passion and determination

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Even though I rarely ever make New Yearís resolutions, I decided that this year I wanted to set a few intentions for 2014. When I think of resolutions, I usually think of things I need or want to improve, but this year isnít about improvement as much as it is about setting a new path for myself and walking down it. This year, I want to be more proactive by defining goals and focusing on them until I complete them.

My logic is that if I do things differently this year, the outcome will also be different. Instead of wishing for something specific to happen, I am defining a couple of specific goals, writing down how to proceed, and keeping a diary every day to keep track of my progress.

In the past, I have just defined what I wanted and hoped that things would work out. For the most part, things work out well, but a few of my goals (the ones I hold dear in my heart) need more of my focus, attention, and determination. So why not let this year be the one that I succeed in what I set my heart on.

I am hoping that the energies of both of my cities will remain behind me. Living in both, Iím able to gain a perspective about each one when I am in the other one. I appreciate the creativity and passion I feel in Florence as well as the determination and focus that I feel in Paris. Itís as if I get to put myself back in alignment with my heart when Iím in Florence and then when I return to Paris, I am inspired to achieve my goals.

Iím not planning on pushing or forcing things into shape, but rather just maintaining the focus on my goals and taking small steps to achieve them while keeping track of my progress.

Last year, I felt as if I had to let go of everything to figure out what was truly dear to my heart. Now, I feel that my objectives and desires are more powerful. I am fortunate to live in Florence and Paris because they are my great guides that continually support and inspire me.

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