Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo

A break leads to a breakthrough

Sunday, February 25, 2018

I have kept relatively quiet on my blogs for the past six months. I didnít consciously choose not to write, but I wasnít as clear as before about what I wanted to write in my blogs. I have worked on many posts, but didnít feel like publishing them. I set aside my writing projects because I felt a little lost. It was a bit scary for me to stop focusing on my projects because I wondered if maybe I wouldnít pick them back up again. I felt that I had to take the risk even though it frightened me. I told myself that if Iím meant to complete my projects, I will. And if not, I will discover what I should be writing.Me, My Heart, and I :: A break leads to a breakthrough

As I learned in Julia McCutchenís book Conscious Writing, I had to make the switch to become more of a ďyinĒ writer and less of a ďyangĒ writer. The latter is the writer who has to produce while the former focuses on allowing the writing to flow, fully embracing oneself, and reaching deep inside for what wants to be expressed.

I made a bold choice to only do what created joy inside of me. I spent a lot of time alone and put my energy in communing with my surroundings, reading, running, taking photos of the beauty around me (including flowers and hearts), free writing, taking care of my body as well as learning more about other interests of mine, like Reiki, astrology, and archetypes. Iím also currently taking German classes.

One of my greatest teachers during this time was photography, which helped me to slow down, open myself up to more beauty, and appreciate the present moment. Each photo for me was a gift because it allowed me to fully embrace a moment in my life. And as if that weren't enough, I received another gift by sharing it with others. I'm always so excited to share the beauty I'm able to behold.

As of these last few weeks, I can finally see a glimmer of light shining through the thick blanket of fog that had been surrounding me. I have seen this light many times before, but usually it flickered and then vanished. This time the light is progressively getting stronger and is proof to me that Iím back on track.

My six-month hiatus allowed me to breathe new life into myself as well as into my writing projects. I have a few new ideas that Iím now working on, a newfound passion for my writing projects, and some improvements to other projects. I needed this break from my writing projects so that I could be free to allow answers to come to me and gain a greater perspective on myself, my writing, and my writing projects.

This photo is the entrance to New Palace in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany

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