Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo

Ben tornata a Firenze

Friday, January 18, 2013

After flying over snow-capped mountains just north of Tuscany, we landed in Florence this afternoon where the skies were clear and the sun was shining high above. The second I got off the plane, I took in a deep breath and felt my body relax a little bit. It was a joy to sense the warm air brush against my face. Iím finally home, I thought to myself.

I have been away from my beloved city for six weeks and it was beginning to feel like Florence had completely disappeared from my life. Itís almost like a person you donít see for along time, you wonder if youíll forget what he/she looks like and how you felt when you were with him/her. Did all those feelings just vanish? Thatís how I feel about Florence. I can study photo of its many facets, but it isnít until I am here that I truly grasp its beauty and energy. The sensation I get when I am here I have felt nowhere else.

For me, itís a feeling of completion, of peace, and of love. Itís exactly how I feel when I am in my beauís arms. Itís as if the entire world fades around me and all I sense is love pulsating in, around, and through me.

I am eager to take in my beloved city and fill up my heart with its love and joy. Not that my well is dry, but it just feels like the right place to pause, relax, and build up my forces. Life can sometimes throw us a few curve balls and we must be ready to deal with them. My beloved city gives me the strength, energy, and love to operate in this world. I am eager to soak up all that Florence presents me with.

I am back in my beloved city and back in love.

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