Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo

Divide and conquer

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I usually have a mental list of what I’d like to do during my trips home to Florence. I never write this list down because I prefer being flexible. I had a few plans to meet up with girlfriends, go to a Fiorentina match, see my naturopata (naturopath), get a massage, visit a few museums, go shopping, and walk around town as much as possible. I was able to do some of what I wanted initially; however, as soon as I arrived, allergies struck me. Then, on Saturday night I caught a cold and two days later, I lost my voice.

All my mental plans quickly disappeared. I have spent this entire week in my apartment working and slowly recuperating. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I tend to fall into “life review” mode. All week I’ve been wondering, “Where is my life going? What do I truly want? Why have I not achieved all that I want yet?”

At the beginning of almost every year, I think about what I want to achieve in the year. Mostly, I let my path lead me and see what happens. And other times, my goals sit around and never get enough attention to progress. Yesterday, I decided that I must make a plan on how I will be accomplishing my goals and stick to it. Not the flimsy plans I’ve done year in and year out, but plans that keep me on track. This year, I plan on keeping a stronger focus on my goals no matter what.

Each trip back to Florence has had a theme. In December, the theme was “sharing” because I spent my time with my family and beau enjoying my beloved city. In January, the theme seemed to be “grounding.” I decided to get two of everything I need so I no longer have to bring my necessities back and forth. Now, I feel as if I’m always going home, not just traveling between my two cities.

This month’s trip back to Florence, however, has definitely pointed me in the right direction. I was able to tap into my city’s energy, to center myself, and to make a plan so that this year will be different for me.

The balance between Florence and Paris (being and doing) will now be put to the test. I know that once I find my momentum, I will be propelled forward, and I can achieve anything I set my mind on. So this trip’s theme for me is “divide and conquer.” I’ve set in place a plan to achieve this year’s goals and I’m sticking to it.

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