Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo

The floodgates have opened

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pasqua (Easter) seems mark the beginning of the tourist season in Florence each year. From my last time home a couple of weeks ago to today, the number of people visiting Florence has definitely increased. While many dislike the large amounts of tourists who “invade” the city, I see their arrival more as the beginning of us sharing Florence. We’ve been fortunate to have a few quiet months in Florence since October even if the number of tourists spiked around Christmas. It’s important to appreciate the ebb and flow in Florence because the city has its seasons and rhythm like everything else.

This morning when I walked through Piazza della Signoria to grab my morning caffé (coffee), I dodged large groups of people huddled together. Even though it is less convenient for me to make my way through the crowded clusters, I am happy that so many people come to visit Florence. The city’s history and charm is alive and ready to be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Florence isn’t a city that brags of its history or accomplishments, but it is (and should be) proud. I honestly feel honored to call Florence my home and am happy to share it with others.

One line came into my head while I walked through the narrow streets, sometimes barely squeezing past the crowds, “To know Florence is to love Florence.” So I hope that more people can come to Florence to experience it because there is no other city like it.

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