Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo

Adapting to a new rhythm

Sunday, March 13, 2016

It has taken me over a month to get used to not working for someone else. The shift for me was to make my writing a priority and for it to become my new "job." Adjusting my daily routine was quite simple, but I had to create a new rhythm for myself. All these years I worked as a freelancer prepared me in understanding how best to organize my time and my priorities. Me, My Heart, and I :: Adapting to a new rhythm

I initially put a lot of pressure on myself to produce, but it was counterproductive. I thought I had to pop out a couple of books within a short amount of time because it's now my full-time job. One woman I told about this new chapter in my life asked me, "So when will your book be published?" I felt a little bit of pressure because I was just organizing myself, but still I know that stress is not the energy I want to infuse in my writing projects. I want to write with a sense of peace and joy, not worry and anxiety.

I've had to keep reminding myself that my new lifestyle is not a sprint, but rather a long-distance run. I am determined to keep myself "in shape" and to continue making progress on my projects. My days are spent writing, rewriting, organizing my projects, typing up what I wrote, and allowing myself time and space to be inspired.

To help me adapt well to my new lifestyle, Iíve been setting aside time to nurture myself. I take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally by exercising, meditating, doing Qigong, seeing an acupuncturist regularly, journaling, doing my daily writing practice, working on my projects, reading, taking walks around the city, spending time in nature, and appreciating each day. I take time to enjoy my day and especially love taking photos of the beauty that I'm so fortunate to witness, like catching the sunset along the Arno River.

Florence has been instrumental in my being able to attain balance while I adapt to this new lifestyle. She nudges me every day to accomplish my goals and fulfill my dreams. If ever I don't feel "in the mood," I just walk along the Arno and that spark comes back to me. Beauty is one of the greatest cures when feeling uninspired so that I can get inspired again.

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