Me, My Heart, and I

by Melinda Gallo

Places affect and shape us

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Every place affects us differently. Some places instill us with peace and tranquility while others instill us with other emotions. I have noticed that when I am in Florence and Paris different aspects are brought to the forefront. Florence accentuates my creativity and desire for freedom while Paris accentuates ambition and my desire for structure. Me, My Heart, and I :: Places affect and shape us

I used to think that I craved freedom and couldnít live with out it, but there are times when I definitely need more structure. Itís almost as if to appreciate one, I must also release it to experience the other.

I think we all react to the different energies that each place emits. In my case, each city has its own rhythm and I have to dance in step with it. If not, I will definitely stumble and possibly fall. Itís impossible to go against the energy of a place because their energy sets the tone.

When I moved to Paris the first time, I had only visited it once. The same was true for Florence. I didnít really investigate either city or test the waters before moving there, but they both ended up being the perfect places for me. Each one has formed me over the years. After some initial struggles, I finally let go and allowed each one to affect me.

I always say that if I could choose, I would only live in Florence. But, after a couple of years of establishing homes in both, I donít know if thatís really true. I am extremely fond of Florence and could not imagine not living here, but if I were asked to give Paris up, I think I wouldnít want to do that either.

I love how a place affects me and it has certainly allowed me to discover more about myself and what I want more and less of in my life. Every time I go to another city as a tourist, I always wonder if it would be a place I could live. I have never said yes to that question while being anywhere other than Florence and Paris. Iím certainly not looking to go live somewhere else because my life is in both Florence and Paris.

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